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Imagine a world in which Alchemy is not only possible, but used frequently. Alchemy, though, is a science, and with all sciences there are laws that must be followed. Welcome to the anime, Full Metal Alchemist. The story begins about two brothers, Alphonse (left) and Edward (right) Elric. Ever since they were young they had practiced the science of alchemy. You follow their journey of being alchemists and their quest to regain that which they have lost.


Their father was a well recognized alchemist, which is probably where their knack for it comes from. However, when they were young their father left, and they remained in the care of their mother. One day their mother died, and in their innocence and ignorance, they attempted what was forbidden, human alchemy.


What happened next, they were obviously not prepared for, and in the aftermath the brothers lost more than just their mother. In the freak accident Alphonse loses his body, and in a moment of panic Edward ties his brother's soul to a piece of armor. Edward himself loses an arm and a leg, a costly reminder of what has happend.


The story begins and details the brother's journey to find a alchemy amplifier so that they may return to their normal bodies.



>Ed Elric

Edward Elric, the older of the two brothers, is charactaristically short. But following the principles of equvalent trade, what he loses in height, he gains in his abilities as an alchemist. Edward becomes the youngest state alchemist in history, a prodigal genius.


As all state alchemists have, he is given a codename, Full Metal Alchemist, rooting from his auto-mail (artificial metal) body, his arm and leg.


In order to recover his original body, along with his brother, he travels to find the philosopher's stone.


Alphonse Elric
    nickname:  'Al'

Alphonse Elric is the younger brother to Edward. He too has a profound knack at alchemy, but is not a state alchemist, which allows him to do certain things that Edward cannot do.


Of the two brothers, Alphonse would be the kinder and more understanding of them. Through their trials and tribulations, he keeps his reckless brother out of too much trouble.


Winry Rockbell

The auto-mail specialist and childhood friend of the Elric brothers, Winry lives with Aunt Pinako. She is the creator of Edward's auto-mail and its mechanic.


Orphaned by the death of her parents during a civil war, Winry stays with Pinako learning the tricks of the trade in terms of auto-mail.


She lives with her grandmother and pet dog in Resembool.


             Roy mustang is an acheived alemist who

achieved his rank from his prior achievements during the eastern Ishbal war.

His alchemy resides with the use of his fiber-synthetic gloves, that have a transmutation circle sewn into them.


At first glance, Roy is nothing more than a cocky man who would jump at the chance to see women in skirts, but in reality he is a determined person, who is not so easily defeatable.

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